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Liquid Filling Packaging Machine 


Liquid Filling Packaging Machine 


Automatic packaging machine can be used for liquid filling system, which can fill and pack ketchup, sauce, milk, packaging paste, salad, freshly squeezed juice, syrup, chili sauce, batter, lotion, processing, honey, etc.


  • For liquid filling, packaging machines and packaging machines, etc., it is suitable for large uses for different purposes. 

  • It can be used in reflow equipment to prevent precipitation of raw materials and balance the raw materials of packaging products. 

  • After the special raw materials are finished,customers can provide fresh-keeping packaging to ensure the stability of the product. 

  • Auto-suggestive connections without any tools, self interpretative connections without any tools. 

  • The storage tanks are made of stainless steel SUS#304 or #316. 

All packaging machines can be equipped with liquid filling systems, 
Styling Sealing Style, Rounded Corner Packaging Style



  • Interlace metering and filling packaging machine has human machine interface (HMI) control for easy operating.

  • PLC controller uses Mitsubishi system from Japan. Sealing operation uses cam and spring loaded action to reach stable sealing.

  • Sensor calibration is done automatically by the PLC algorithm.

  • The entire machine is constructed by stainless steel, sand blasting on surface.

  • Cam type sealing mechanism. Sheet length is controlled by a servomotor.
    Advanced control interface and computer - controlled operation ensure consistent and reliable packaging results.

  • Easy change bag side and bag length computer set.

  • Registration mark by computer control.

  • To clap sealing. No film to destroy and hole circumstances sealingairtight stable.

  • Cam sealing a mechanism.

  • Packing sealing true.

  • Film pulling speed set by computer, pulling length steady.



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